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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
State v. Sanabria 2018-A-0076CRIMINAL - sufficiency of the evidence; Crim.R. 29; serious physical harmLynchAshtabula 7/15/2019 7/15/2019 2019-Ohio-2869
State v. Sankey 2019-A-0037CRIMINAL LAW - postconviction motion; arguments that could have been raised on direct appeal and based on documents of record barred by res judicata. WrightAshtabula 7/15/2019 7/15/2019 2019-Ohio-2870
State ex rel. Davies v. Schroeder 2019-A-0043EXTRAORDINARY WRITS - petition for writ of mandamus; petition for writ of procedendo; summary judgment; motion to vacate judgment denying return of fines and costs; moot; appropriate to consider evidentiary materials in ruling on a motion to dismiss under Civ.R. 12(B)(6) when mootness is at issue; failure to provide certified copy of Journal Entry not fatal because issuance was not contested.Per CuriamAshtabula 7/15/2019 7/15/2019 2019-Ohio-2871
In re J.M.M. 2019-P-0032, 2019-P-0033, & 2019-P-0034CHILD CUSTODY - permanent custody; termination of parantal rights; voluntary surrender; R.C. 2151.413 motion for permanent custody; R.C. 2151.414 procedures; clear and convincing evidence; voluntary surrender pursuant to R.C. 5103.51(B)(1); private transfer of custody.TrappPortage 7/15/2019 7/15/2019 2019-Ohio-2873
In re J.M.M. 2019-P-0040 & 2019-P-0041CHILD CUSTODY - permanent custody; termination of parental rights; voluntary stipulation of surrender; not a waiver of parental rights; sufficiency of the evidence; manifest weight.TrappPortage 7/15/2019 7/15/2019 2019-Ohio-2874
State v. Thomas 2017-P-0094CRIMINAL - Murder; Felonious Assault; Negligent Homicide; "castle doctrine"; self-defense; no duty to retreat; R.C. 2901.05; R.C. 2901.09; ineffective assistance of counsel; authenticity of evidence; Evid. R. 901(A); sufficient foundational evidence; reasonable likelihood evidence is authenticLynchPortage 7/8/2019 7/8/2019 2019-Ohio-2795
Michelakis, Treasurer v. Big Little Farms, Inc. 2018-T-0095CIVIL - Civ.R. 60(B); motion to vacate; foreclosure; judgment of confirmation of sale; res judicata; fraud; fraudulently executed mortgage; fraud; intent of misleading the court; sufficient operative facts; mistake; newly discovered evidenceLynchTrumbull 7/8/2019 7/8/2019 2019-Ohio-2799
State v. Rock 2018-L-135CRIMINAL LAW - OVI; post conviction relief; vacation of judgment; withdraw of guilty plea; Crim.R. 32.1; intelligent and voluntary waiver of rights; R.C. 5502.10; habitual OVI offender registry; res judicata; abuse of discretion; judgment affirmed.CannonLake 7/8/2019 7/8/2019 2019-Ohio-2796
United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Trades, Local No. 44 v. Kalkreuth Roofing & Sheet Metal 2018-L-146 CIVIL - arbitration award; application to confirm; no motion to vacate, modify, or correct filed within three-month statutory limitations period; objection to application; formal aspect of the award; waived; venue; R.C. 2711.16; trial court must determine venue. RiceLake 7/8/2019 7/8/2019 2019-Ohio-2797
State v. Monroe 2019-L-044APPELLATE REVIEW - App.R. 4(A)(1); untimely appeal.WrightLake 7/8/2019 7/8/2019 2019-Ohio-2800