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State v. Hall 2016-A-0069CRIMINAL LAW - post-release control; motion to vacate; void; voidable; res judicata; R.C. 2929.191; parole board; notification; prior to release from prison; separation of powers; sentencing entry; sentencing hearing; mandatory language.CannonAshtabula 6/19/2017 6/19/2017 2017-Ohio-4376
Filby v. Filby 2016-G-0101CIV.R. 60 - motion for relief from judgment; allegations of judicial misconduct; criminal allegations against trial court judge; appellate jurisdiction; arguments raised for the first time on appeal.CannonGeauga 6/19/2017 6/19/2017 2017-Ohio-4377
State v. Moore 2016-L-104CRIMINAL LAW - Sufficiency of evidence; grand theft; R.C. 2913.02(A)(3); car loan from bank; use of another person's identity to obtain loan; deception; no payments made on loan.WrightLake 6/19/2017 6/19/2017 2017-Ohio-4378
Dinardo v. Dinardo 2016-L-111DOMESTIC RELATIONS - R.C. 1705.19 charging order against defendant's limited liability company; Civ.R. 53(D); failure to file objections to magistrate's decision waives all but plain error; failure to provide transcript on appeal; decision consistent with magistrate's decision and not contrary to law.WrightLake 6/19/2017 6/19/2017 2017-Ohio-4379
Beers v. Falkowski 2017-L-044EXTRAORDINARY WRIT - Prohibition; elements; respondents have subject matter jurisdiction; alleged jurisdictional defect asserted by relator is not patent and unambiguous; adequate remedy at law; appeal.Per CuriamLake 6/19/2017 6/19/2017 2017-Ohio-4380
State v. DeCola 2016-A-0037CRIMINAL LAW - speedy trial rights; written waiver of speedy trial rights; failure to file a motion to dismiss for lack of speedy trial; failure to withdraw waiver of speedy trial rights; Crim.R. 11(E); misdemeanor case involving a petty offense; effect of a no contest plea; substantial compliance; a trial court complies with Crim.R. 11(E) when it explains the effect of a plea during an arraignment. CannonAshtabula 6/12/2017 6/12/2017 2017-Ohio-4232
State v. Moss 2016-A-0046CRIMINAL LAW - Felony sentencing; appellate review; R.C. 2953.08(G)(2); endangering children; trial court's consideration of sentencing factors; most serious form of crime; recidivism; burden to affirmatively show that factors were not considered; sentence is not strikingly inconsistent with applicable factors.WrightAshtabula 6/12/2017 6/12/2017 2017-Ohio-4233
Allen v. Thompson 2016-L-038CIVIL - civil protection order; pro se litigant; failure to file a transcript of the proceedings; App.R. 9; no law in support of argument; App.R. 16(A)(7).CannonLake 6/12/2017 6/12/2017 2017-Ohio-4234
State v. Rose 2016-L-067CRIMINAL LAW - Crim.R. 32; resentencing hearing; finding of guilt; trial error; sentencing error; remand; nolle prosequi; law of the case; res judicata.CannonLake 6/12/2017 6/12/2017 2017-Ohio-4235
Shendel v. Graham 2016-L-100JUVENILE - Visitation; abuse of discretion; R.C. 3109.12(B); parties ordered to share long-distance visitation expenses; self-generated income for child support purposes does not include depreciation expenses and noncash deductions; R.C. 3119.01(C)(9)(b); obligor has burden of proof regarding claimed business expense deductions; trial court's findings as to child care expenses not supported by competent, credible evidence; court's decision ordering parties to alternate child exemption did not include requisite analysis or findings; no abuse of discretion in denying mother's request to change minor's name; 2717.01(B).WrightLake 6/12/2017 6/12/2017 2017-Ohio-4236