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State v. Anglin CA2018-03-058Conviction for rape was not against the manifest weight of the evidence where defendant engaged in sexual conduct with a person who was substantially impaired, and defendant knew or had reasonable cause to believe she was substantially impaired. PiperButler 2/19/2019 2/19/2019 2019-Ohio-588
State v. Sapp CA2018-04-069Anders no error.Per CuriamButler 2/19/2019 2/19/2019 2019-Ohio-589
State v. Snader CA2018-07-141; CA2018-07-142; CA2018-07-143Anders no error.Per CuriamButler 2/19/2019 2/19/2019 2019-Ohio-590
State v. Koch CA2018-08-158A defendant, convicted of complicity to murder, appeals the court's decision denying his petition for postconviction relief. A defendant did not demonstrate sufficient operative facts that he was denied the effective assistance of counsel where the defendant had counsel present during a police interview, lied to the police during the interview, and counsel appropriately advised the defendant to not answer certain questions about his involvement with the offense. RinglandButler 2/19/2019 2/19/2019 2019-Ohio-591
State v. Bishop CA2018-05-031, CA2018-05-036The 90-day maximum prison sentence allowed under R.C. 2929.15(B)(1)(c)(i) applies to a defendant serving a community control sanction for one or more felonies of the fifth degree. As a result, the trial court erred by finding that R.C. 2929.15(B)(1)(c)(i) was inapplicable based on the singular form of the term used in the statute. RinglandClermont 2/19/2019 2/19/2019 2019-Ohio-592
In re A.J. CA2018-08-063The juvenile court did not err by granting permanent custody of appellant's child to a children services agency where appellant was then incarcerated serving a four-year prison term and where the child's best interest was served by granting permanent custody to the children services agency due to the uncertainty regarding appellant's illicit drug use, employment, income, and housing following her release from prison.RinglandClermont 2/19/2019 2/19/2019 2019-Ohio-593
PHH Mtge. Corp. v. Messersmith CA2018-05-057Although the trial court did not err in granting summary judgment when it concluded that R.C. 5312.13 provided statutory authority for the award of attorney fees for a homeowner's violation of a covenant to pay monthly association fees to a homeowner's association, the trial court nonetheless erred in awarding attorney fees where there remained issues of fact as to whether the services performed by the association's attorneys were necessary to resolve the disputed claims and whether the Association or its attorneys failure to communicate with the homeowner caused additional and unnecessary legal expenses to be expended.HendricksonWarren 2/19/2019 2/19/2019 2019-Ohio-594
State v. Wallace CA2017-09-011; CA2017-11-014 The trial court did not err in admitting into evidence recorded interviews the victims made to appellant's trial counsel, as the recordings were relevant and necessary to explain the events surrounding the victims' recantations. Admission of the evidence did not violate appellant's constitutional rights under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution or Section 10, Article I of the Ohio Constitution or his rights under Crim.R. 16. Furthermore, appellant's claim of ineffective assistance of counsel was without merit where appellant failed to show that certain jurors were actually biased against him or were in need of being rehabilitated before being seated on the juryHendricksonBrown 2/11/2019 2/11/2019 2019-Ohio-442
State v. Beamon CA2018-04-065Trial court did not abuse its discretion in denying defendant's request to represent himself. Trial court did not err in failing to engage in a detailed inquiry regarding the nature and extent of defense counsel's potential conflict of interest.M. PowellButler 2/11/2019 2/11/2019 2019-Ohio-443
State v. Black CA2018-04-072The trial court did not err in classifying appellant a sexual predator under Megan's law where the state presented clear and convincing evidence that appellant had been convicted of committing a sexually-oriented offense and is likely to engage in the future in one or more sexually oriented offenses.HendricksonButler 2/11/2019 2/11/2019 2019-Ohio-444