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In re H.M. 8-18-46, 8-18-47, 8-18-55, 8-18-56Permanent custody supported by the evidence; evidence supports trial court's findings that reasonable efforts were made; evidence does not support reversible errors made by appointed GALs; trial court did not improperly delay reunification plan; appellants' religious rights were not violated; trial court did not err in denying motion to dismiss; mother did not demonstrate ineffective assistance of counsel.ShawLogan 9/16/2019 9/16/2019 2019-Ohio-3721
Putnam Cty. Bd. of Commrs. v. Weis 12-19-01, 12-19-02Proper notice was given regarding appropriation proceeding; appraisals did not need to be updated where date of take did not change; trial court did not err by denying request for continuance, or in denying testimony of rebuttal witness. Trial court also did not err by consolidating jury trials, or setting the date of the take as the day the government entered onto the property.ShawPutnam 9/16/2019 9/16/2019 2019-Ohio-3720
Putnam Cty. Bd. of Commrs. v. Patrick Bros. 12-18-11, 12-18-12The trial court’s entries awarding supplemental attorney fees are void because the trial court reconsidered its prior final orders awarding attorney fees. ZimmermanPutnam 9/16/2019 9/16/2019 2019-Ohio-3722
Meinerding v. Coldwater Exempted Village School Dist. Bd. of Edn. 10-19-06The trial court did not err in affirming the decision of the Unemployment Compensation Review Commission on the basis that Appellant quit employment without just cause. The record supports the Review Commission’s determination that Appellant’s decision to resign was voluntary. ShawMercer 9/9/2019 9/9/2019 2019-Ohio-3611
Neal v. Treglia 1-18-70The trial court did not err in granting summary judgment to the defendant-appellee. The judgment of the trial court is affirmed.ZimmermanAllen 9/9/2019 9/9/2019 2019-Ohio-3609
State v. Cook 2-18-21Under Crim.R. 7(D), the trial court may amend the indictment at any time before, during, or after trial to correct a variance between the evidence presented at trial and the allegations in the indictment as long as the amendment does not change the identity or name of the crime charged. The date of a rape is not an essential element of a crime. When the victim of a rape is a child, the dates of the offense may be difficult to ascertain.WillamowskiAuglaize 9/9/2019 9/9/2019 2019-Ohio-3610
State v. Lambert 12-18-10If the State fails to prove a defendant has a prior conviction in accordance with R.C. 2919.25(D)(3) but establishes the other elements of the crime of domestic violence listed in R.C. 2919.25(A), then the State established that the defendant committed the crime of domestic violence but failed to establish that the defendant should be convicted of a felony instead of a misdemeanor.WillamowskiPutnam 9/3/2019 9/3/2019 2019-Ohio-3543
State v. Salmons 14-19-02The trial court did not err in sentencing defendant-appellant because there is not clear and convincing evidence that defendant-appellant's sentences are unsupported by the record or otherwise contrary to law. The trial court properly calculated and applied jail-time credit.PrestonUnion 9/3/2019 9/3/2019 2019-Ohio-3541
State v. DiSabato 14-18-23The trial court did not err by denying defendant-appellant's Crim.R. 29(C) motion. However, because plaintiff-appellee failed to demonstrate that defendant-appellant was not prejudiced by the presence of two alternate jurors during jury deliberations, the trial court committed reversible error by failing to exclude the two alternate jurors from deliberations.PrestonUnion 9/3/2019 9/3/2019 2019-Ohio-3542
State v. Moiduddin 14-18-15The trial court erred by granting defendant-appellee's motion to suppress evidence. The trial court erred by sua sponte dismissing the indictment against defendant-appellee.PrestonUnion 9/3/2019 9/3/2019 2019-Ohio-3544