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Karapondo v. Weyer 1-18-68The trial court did not err in declining to hold an evidentiary hearing where the final judgment entry of divorce accurately reflected the terms of the oral property settlement agreement placed upon the record by the parties. ShawAllen 5/20/2019 5/20/2019 2019-Ohio-1937
Estate of Parkins v. Parkins 1-18-50The trial court did not err by determining that ex-husband’s death did not extinguish defendant-appellant's obligation to pay a sum certain arising from the parties’ divorce and the equalization of their marital property.PrestonAllen 5/20/2019 5/20/2019 2019-Ohio-1941
State v. Kaimachiande 8-18-57Trial court did not abuse its discretion by finding defendant violated his community control where defendant was later charged with, inter alia, possessing a handgun. ShawLogan 5/20/2019 5/20/2019 2019-Ohio-1939
State ex rel. Hall v. Turner 9-19-01The trial court did not err by dismissing petitioner-appellant's petition for a writ of habeas corpus.PrestonMarion 5/20/2019 5/20/2019 2019-Ohio-1938
In re A.B. 17-18-09Because the trial court properly considered the factors under R.C. 3109.051, the trial court did not abuse its discretion in granting the grandfather and step-grandmother visitation with the minor children.PrestonShelby 5/20/2019 5/20/2019 2019-Ohio-1940
State v. Rimmer 16-18-08, 16-18-09The trial court did not err in imposing a four-year discretionary prison term upon Appellant where the prison term was within the statutory range and supported by the record. ShawWyandot 5/20/2019 5/20/2019 2019-Ohio-1936
State v. Grady 16-18-11The prison sentence imposed by the trial court was not contrary to law. The judgment of the trial court is affirmed.ZimmermanWyandot 5/20/2019 5/20/2019 2019-Ohio-1942
State v. Brown 5-18-25Imposition of post release control was not void merely because the judgment entry stated it was a mandatory term up to five years when the trial court properly informed the defendant at the hearing that he was subject to a mandatory five year term of post release control.WillamowskiHancock 5/6/2019 5/6/2019 2019-Ohio-1696
State v. Jackson 1-18-38Convictions including, inter alia, Felonious Assault with a firearm specification, supported by sufficient evidence and are not against the manifest weight of the evidence.ShawAllen 5/6/2019 5/6/2019 2019-Ohio-1697
State v. Smalley 7-18-30Trial counsel is not ineffective for failing to enter into plea agreement negotiations where no evidence is presented that the State was even willing to enter into plea agreement negotiations.WillamowskiHenry 4/29/2019 4/29/2019 2019-Ohio-1572