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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
State v. Gaffin 16CA1027Juror Misconduct; Plain Erorr; Ineffective Assistance of CounselHooverAdams 5/17/2017 5/22/2017 2017-Ohio-2935
Redmond v. Wade 16CA16Shared parenting-R.C. 3109.04(E)(2)(c) termination-trial court did not abuse its discretion by terminating shared parenting decree and designating father child's residential parent when mother relocated.AbeleLawrence 5/12/2017 5/18/2017 2017-Ohio-2877
State v. Coleman 16CA3555, 16CA3556, 16CA3557, 16CA3558CRIMINAL - Trial court did not err in accepting Appellant's multiple guilty pleas and subsequently denying his motion to withdraw the same.McFarlandRoss 5/11/2017 5/16/2017 2017-Ohio-2826
Anderson v. Anderson 16CA3571DOMESTIC RELATIONS - The divorce did not abate upon the death of Appellee as all matters were adjudicated prior to his death.McFarlandRoss 5/11/2017 5/16/2017 2017-Ohio-2827
State v. Chancey 16CA18CRIMINAL - Trial court erred in sentencing and matter is remanded for resentencing.McFarlandWashington 5/10/2017 5/16/2017 2017-Ohio-2828
Parrett v. Admr., Unemp. Comp. Rev. Comm. 16CA15CIVIL - Trial court erred in reversing the decision of the Unemployment Compensation Review Commission which determined that Mr. Parrett was discharged for just cause due to him losing his status as a commissioned deputy sheriff.McFarlandPickaway 5/8/2017 5/11/2017 2017-Ohio-2778
State v. Sturgill 16CA21CRIMINAL - Appellant's claim that the trial court did not have jurisdiction to hold a sex offender reclassification hearing under Megan's Law is without merit.McFarlandAthens 5/1/2017 5/9/2017 2017-Ohio-2736
State v. Doll 16CA3731jury instructions; plain error; voluntary intoxication is not a defense; ineffective assistance of counsel, sufficiency of evidence; manifest weight of the evidence; tampering with evidenceHarshaScioto 5/1/2017 5/19/2017 2017-Ohio-2894
Fairland Assn. of Classroom Teachers v. Fairland Local Bd. of Edn. 15CA23CIVIL - Trial court correctly dismissed the case as it did not have subject matter jurisdiction over Appellant's claims.McFarlandLawrence 5/1/2017 5/8/2017 2017-Ohio-1098
State v. Brown 16CA3544CRIMINAL - Trial court was correct to deny Appellant's motion to withdraw his guilty plea prior to sentencing.McFarlandRoss 4/28/2017 5/3/2017 2017-Ohio-2647