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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
Fairland Assn. of Classroom Teachers v. Fairland Local Bd. of Edn. 15CA23CIVIL - Trial court correctly dismissed the case as it did not have subject matter jurisdiction over Appellant's claims.McFarlandLawrence 3/21/2017 3/27/2017 2017-Ohio-1098
Williamson v. Scioto Twp. Trustees 16CA5CIVIL - Because trial court lacked jurisdiction over Appellant's claims it erred in denying Appellees' motion to dismiss on the trespass and nuisance claims and the inverse condemnation claim.McFarlandPickaway 3/21/2017 3/27/2017 2017-Ohio-1099
State v. Angus 15CA3507CRIMINAL - Appellant's convictions for drug offenses are affirmed as they were supported by overwhelming evidence and were not allied offenses of similar import.McFarlandRoss 3/21/2017 3/27/2017 2017-Ohio-1100
State ex rel. Cincinnati Enquirer v. Pike Cty. Gen. Health Dist. 16CA873R.C. 313.10, R.C. 149.43, Access to Coroner's Records, Preliminary Autopsy Reports, R.C. 313.10(D) Journalist Exception, Confidential Law Enforcement Investigatory Records, Statutory Damages and Attorney FeesMcGrath Pike 3/17/2017 3/24/2017 2017-Ohio-1084
Lynch v. Bradley 16CA24habeas corpus, R.C. 2725, jail time credit, motion to dismiss, Civ.R. 12(B)(6)HarshaPickaway 3/15/2017 3/24/2017 2017-Ohio-1083
State v. Saunders 16CA3728 & 16CA3729CRIMINAL - Because trial court did not properly dispose of count one in the indictment, a final appealable order does not exist and we lack jurisdiction. Appeal dismissed.McFarlandScioto 3/13/2017 3/14/2017 2017-Ohio-901
State v. McCreery 16CA17CRIMINAL - Trial court did not err in overruling Appellant's motion to withdraw his prior pleas to burglary and resisting arrest.McFarlandLawrence 3/13/2017 3/17/2017 2017-Ohio-988
State v. Coleman 16CA11R.C. 2953.08(D)(1)-appellant's sentence not reviewable when jointly-recommended, authorized by law, and imposed by trial court.AbeleHighland 3/8/2017 3/24/2017 2017-Ohio-1067
Halloran v. Barnard 16CA9Negligence-proximate cause is an essential component of a negligence actions and thus trial court did not err by giving jury proximate cause instruction in automobile negligence case; trial court did not err by giving right-of-way instruction when evidence showed appellee's vehicle turning left and appellant's vehicle driving straight into appellee's path.AbeleLawrence 3/8/2017 3/24/2017 2017-Ohio-1069
State v. Ogle 16CA22community control; final appealable order; special proceedings; substantial right; R.C. 2505.02HarshaHocking 3/6/2017 3/10/2017 2017-Ohio-869