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State v. Coll S-16-022The state was not required to prove a mental state element in a jury trial on charges of fishing in a closed zone and taking/possessing a walleye of less than 15 inches. R.C. 1531.02 is not unconstitutionally vague. Appellant's sentence was not inconsistent and violative of the purpose of misdemeanor sentencing. Ohio Adm.Code Chapter 1531; mens rea; strict liability; disproportionate.PietrykowskiSandusky 8/18/2017 8/18/2017 2017-Ohio-7270
State v. Gray E-16-066Sentences originally imposed in two separate cases following revocation of appellant's community control are not subject to merger simply because the same conduct led to revocation of community control in each case. Trial court's failure to advise appellant of his right to appeal under Crim.R. 32 constitutes harmless error where appellant filed a timely notice of appeal.JensenErie 8/18/2017 8/18/2017 2017-Ohio-7271
State v. Jefferson L-16-1182Appellant's conviction for felonious assault is supported by sufficient evidence, and is not against the manifest weight of the evidence, where the state introduces significant circumstantial evidence on the issue of whether appellant fired a handgun in the victim's direction as she was attempting to flee.JensenLucas 8/18/2017 8/18/2017 2017-Ohio-7272
Johnson v. Geico Homesite, Inc. OT-17-003Appellant's post-judgment motion in the trial court was a motion for reconsideration and thus a nullity. Appeal dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.MayleOttawa 8/18/2017 8/18/2017 2017-Ohio-7273
State v. Jones S-16-030Appellee concedes trial court errors on post-release control, term of sentence, and costs/ability to pay. Conviction was supported by sufficient evidence and was not against the manifest weight of evidence. Judgment affirmed, in part, and reversed, in part.OsowikSandusky 8/18/2017 8/18/2017 2017-Ohio-7274
State v. Korossy OT-16-025Following appellant's plea of no contest, the trial court failed to elicit an explanation of the circumstances of the offense in violation of R.C. 2937.07. This was not mere trial error, but instead a failure to establish sufficient facts to support a conviction, thus double jeopardy attached and appellant was entitled to discharge.MayleOttawa 8/18/2017 8/18/2017 2017-Ohio-7275
Ohio Pickling & Processing, L.L.C. v. Vella l-16-1276Trial court did not err in granting defendant's Civ.R. 12(C) dismissal of claim of a fraudulent conveyance under R.C. 1336.04.SingerLucas 8/18/2017 8/18/2017 2017-Ohio-7276
Romstadt v. Garcia L-16-1222Summary judgment, negligent entrustment of vehicle to unlicensed driver, implied permission, burden of proof, genuine issue of material fact, prima facie case.OsowikLucas 8/18/2017 8/18/2017 2017-Ohio-7277
Sherer v. Progressive Select Ins. Co. L-17-1033Trial court properly granted summary judgment to appellee. Reasonable minds can only conclude appellant failed to show any breach of duty owed related to the accident. Judgment affirmed.OsowikLucas 8/18/2017 8/18/2017 2017-Ohio-7278
Glesser v. Nichols WD-16-054Civ.R. 56(B) requirement that a court must grant leave to file a motion for summary judgment after a matter has been set for trial is satisfied when the motion is filed within the deadlines set by the court in a scheduling order setting the time for filing dispositional motions and a trial date.SingerWood 8/11/2017 8/11/2017 2017-Ohio-7201