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State v. Baker L-15-1295, L-15-1324In an Anders appeal of a guilty plea, the plea was knowing and voluntary, trial counsel was not ineffective, and the court had jurisdiction to impose a prison term for an out-of-county post-release control violation. Search warrant; Crim.R. 41(C); Crim.R. 45(A); nonconsensual entry; R.C. 2929.141(A).PietrykowskiLucas 3/24/2017 3/24/2017 2017-Ohio-1074
Felter v. Felter S-16-024Appellant has not demonstrated that the trial court committed plain error in modifying the visitation schedule and designating appellee as the parent eligible to claim the younger child as a dependent for income tax purposes where the trial court appropriately considered the relevant statutory factors.PietrykowskiSandusky 3/24/2017 3/24/2017 2017-Ohio-1075
Forinash v. Weber S-16-019Trial court's award of damages was not supported by competent, credible evidence.JensenSandusky 3/24/2017 3/24/2017 2017-Ohio-1076
O'Connor v. Kroger Co. OT-16-020Finding the defect which caused appellant's fall was open and obvious, the trial court did not err in granting summary judgment.SingerOttawa 3/24/2017 3/24/2017 2017-Ohio-1077
State ex rel. Johnson v. Tone E-17-007Relator is not entitled to mandamus relief because he did not comply with R.C. 2969.25, did not state a claim for relief, and mandamus is not the appropriate action to claim entitlement to immediate release from prison.SingerErie 3/22/2017 3/28/2017 2017-Ohio-1117
Gomer v. Gomer WD-15-072The trial court abused its discretion in awarding appellant's private retirement account to appellee based upon appellant's eligibility for social security benefits.JensenWood 3/17/2017 3/17/2017 2017-Ohio-989
Gozdowski v. Gozdowski OT-16-017The trial court did not err in awarding spousal and child support because the record supported such awards. The record supported the $500 monthly award of spousal support for 18 months. The trial court did not err by denying appellant's objection to magistrate's decision. An appellate court must not allow an appellant to add to the record for review from below. Appellant's due process was not violated when not granted a hearing to inquire into his counsel's motion for withdrawal.SingerOttawa 3/17/2017 3/17/2017 2017-Ohio-990
In re Leavell E-16-047The civil forfeiture of appellant's vehicle found to be an instrumentality of heroin trafficking was supported by a preponderance of the evidence. R.C. 2981.01 to 2981.14; conflict; stay; proportionality.PietrykowskiErie 3/17/2017 3/17/2017 2017-Ohio-991
Madison St. Fishery, L.L.C. v. Zehringer E-16-038The trial court did not err in dismissing appellants' cause of action for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.SingerErie 3/17/2017 3/17/2017 2017-Ohio-992
Schnell v. Target Corp. E-16-039Trial court properly granted summary judgment to appellees on appellants' premises liability claim premised on a slip-and-fall accident that took place on naturally-occurring ice.JensenErie 3/17/2017 3/17/2017 2017-Ohio-993